• Realty Space in m2: Belirtilmemiş
  • Units count: 18
  • Delivery date: December 2015
  • insert Date: 2016 March


GET A LOOK AT THE FUTURE WITH CONFIDENCE AND HEALTH YUVANIZ IN YUVACIK ... The citys prestigious project, your living space into a "Wellness Centre" is a combination of all the elements is contained in the Yuvacik collected. The citys prestigious project, done in such a place, the mountains, the city's oxygen tank behind Sai life source Yuvacik dam and basin, low humidity, abundant oxygen, approximately 25 km hiking route in the plateaus, picnic areas, and a combination of all the colors of life with waterfalls, where you will find a unique atmosphere. The CITYS PRESTIGIOUS PROJECT RESIDENTS, NEXT to the CITY EDGE CITY CHURN and MOHD IMRAN (10 km) by the WAY, ALL the BLESSINGS which DENIED FINDING a NATURAL LIFE CHANCES are HE CATCHES IT. ENJOY a HEALTHY LIFE SÜRMENİN URYAŞIYOR.TEM, just 8 minutes to the highway E5 and D100, winter tourism is one of the major centers to Kartepe 30 minutes, Köseköy airport, bus terminal and railway station 10 minutes, 30 minutes, Kerpe and Kefken Yalova 45 minutes, 90 minutes to Bursa, adapazari to İstanbul is 50 minutes, for 30 minutes. THE CITYS PRESTIGIOUS PROJECT YUVANIZ TO TURN-KEY ... 24-hour closed-circuit camera-controlled, each apartment video intercom system, central satellite system TV installation, air conditioning in each room, the Apartments Each apartment phone and internet infrastructure. The citys prestigious project, even the expectations of discerning karşılayaak. If you want to the property in winter or summer-like, consider all the time. All places in your life, all sorts of design will be ready for implementation. The citys prestigious project for enjoyable time to be passed to the large, spacious and ready to implement all types of living spaces. 5 VERSION 18 apartments for YOU WAITING for DIFFERENT NEEDS ... The citys prestigious project, all of the features of construction technology in the 21st century incorporates earthquake proof 3-storey, 3 block consists of 18 super luxury residences. Located in 315 rooms and bedrooms and spacious spaces. Yuvacik of environment is relaxed and at peace when you sleep, your quality of sleep has improved drastically, you'll relax in the full sense.


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Su Deposu
Otopark - Açık
Thermal insulation
Sound insulation
Close to public transport
24-hour guard
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  • Delivery: February 2015

    Mavi Yeşil Park Konutları

    for modern living ... placed around a pool, ...

    قوجه ايلي,Başiskele