Building Projects

Delivery: Immediate


Space: 9697 m2 Units count: 5istanbul, Atasehir

central bank and b.d.d.k., especially, many public and private bank with move, turkey's new financial centre, with the price rising ataşehir square meters offers high added value investment. 56 independent chapter and 1535 m², 3 floors as planned store area balance ataşehir, modern architecture, concierge services and state-of-the-art ...

Delivery: June 2016


Space: 6000 m2 Units count: 114Rize, Merkez

viyakent housing project, 2.5 km from the city centre, 200 metres from the beach, recep tayyip erdogan, the university administration is 250 meters away from the city's hustle and bustle is interaction that asphalt proximity. viyakent, total 23325 m2 covered area 2 blocks, consisting of 114 apartments, parking lots, four-story indoor 5600 m2 ...

Delivery: Immediate

Park 17 Evleri

Space: 43000 m2 Units count: 464Canakkale, Merkez

on an area of 43000 square meters park seventeen houses; carefully designed to the smallest detail is dominated by green, the original architecture, spacious social areas, types of apartment to suit all tastes and budgets for that price and quality in canakkale, bringing together in the same project. the park consists of two stages, one of the ...

Delivery: March 2013

Arcadia Villaları

Space: 4800 m2 Units count: BelirtilmemişTekirdag, Merkez

live the life of heaven as the king, asu, simply, means rural paradise. we have combined modern architecture with this simplicity for you and created the arcadia villas. detached villas in life await you in one of the arcadia 1793 bottle from the ... in the site that is secured with the wall but you'll taste detached life arcadia villas are ...

Delivery: January 2016

Önerler Panorama Evleri

Space: 17383 m2 Units count: 48Tekirdag, Çorlu

project properties» 17383 m2 in terrain» 8 block 48 ultra luxury apartments» 3 + 1 gross 175 m2» 3 layer 8 block 48 pcs summer and winter the four seasons you can experience a combination of ultra luxury apartments» modern 8-person elevator» four side road frontage» rich landscape and plants intertwined with nature» hobby garden» 200 m2 ...

Delivery: May 2016

Parkvadi Evleri

Space: 11142 m2 Units count: 56Eskisehir, Odunpazarı

park valley homes, most beautiful part of eskişehir. all of the apartments on the site consists of 7 blocks 3 + 1 is made gross as 157 m2. park valley houses many social opportunities and fittings is waiting for you.

Delivery: May 2017

Tiliapark 2

Space: 17874 m2 Units count: 88Eskisehir, Odunpazarı

tiliapark 2, 11 88 apartments on the block. all of the apartments 3 + 1 is made as gross 160 m2.

Delivery: October 2016

Dream Garden Adana

Space: 7000 m2 Units count: 216Adana, Aladağ(Karsantı)

dreamgarden project every family type according to the different sizes, according to different budget apartments are available. site features * 600 m2 100 m2 children pool niagara swimming pool * * botanical conservatory * tennis court * basketball court * soccer * pilates & fitness * ladies-sauna * 3d theatre * guests parking * double-deck ...

Delivery: May 2017

Dream Town

Space: 100000 m2 Units count: 546Adana, Seyhan

40000 m2 terrain on our project gurselpasa dreamtown longshore independently 5 consists of the island of 1 + 1 4 + 1 standard, including 550 apartments, a terrace and garden. this island is now through the last 25 m wide boulevard frontage 3000 m2 office. on each island separately; lunaparkyüzme havuzuhavuz cafetenis kortubasketbol sahasımini ...

Delivery: December 2015


Space: Belirtilmemiş Units count: 18Kocaeli, Başiskele

get a look at the future with confidence and health yuvaniz in yuvacik ... the citys prestigious project, your living space into a "wellness centre" is a combination of all the elements is contained in the yuvacik collected. the citys prestigious project, done in such a place, the mountains, the city's oxygen tank behind sai life source yuvacik ...

Delivery: January 2018

Es'Marin Konakları

Space: 8262 m2 Units count: 155Kocaeli, Darıca

feel the peace. when you wake up every morning feeling the smell of the sea you a life you say hi to your day. es, ill have a good future. after intense work tempo by the pool sipping your tea will be good for you to ... a comfortable sleep ... a good life, way to be peaceful and sap-lined through a good night's sleep. all the conditions necessary ...

Delivery: February 2015

Mavi Yeşil Park Konutları

Space: 20000 m2 Units count: 90Kocaeli, Başiskele

for modern living ... placed around a pool, 7-block site, 24 hour security cameras. gated and guarded with security cameras, 70% of the allocated 20,000 m ² of green field residential unit. basketball, volleyball and tennis courts and sports areas, private parking and a swimming pool, children's play area, all of the inhabitants of the site to ...

Delivery: Immediate

Locca Bodrum

Space: 15000 m2 Units count: 21mugla, Bodrum

bodrum turgutreis construction. our project will be delivered in june 2015.15.000 m2 plot consists of 21 pieces on the villa. in the face of incredible sunset views of the fork. villas type indoor and outdoor parking spaces are planned according to the. villa type a duplex 3 + 1 semi-detached villas and each villa has 160 m2 closed area. villa on ...

Delivery: July 2016

Adres Yalıkavak

Space: 62000 m2 Units count: 46mugla, Bodrum

this is child-focused, family perspective, with its unique nature and green, you need all kinds of easily provided an address to live in peace. holiday convenience, entertainment, recreation maintenance for 12 months and the address of yalikavak. water games, any kind of sporting event, custom fields, courts, playgrounds and even separate pools ...

Delivery: Immediate

Ayışığı Mercan Evleri

Space: 3500 m2 Units count: 14mugla, Bodrum

moonlight coral homes project is to start october 2014 construction of may will be delivered in 2015. 3500 m2 projected over the land in the center of bodrum gümüşlük, a total of 14 of apartments in the moonlight garden floor and upper floor coral houses, including independent apartment 2 + 1 was planned to be. each apartment is 75 m2 closed ...

Delivery: June 2016

Yeşill Residence

Space: 1054 m2 Units count: 112mugla, Merkez

marmaris implemented by building '' r residence "project, will increase the level of quality of life in a modern and aesthetics meet, will add value to mugla. now you can live in the modern age ' story, you spend quality time with your children, your snapshot will multiply. is a combination of the concepts of nature and luxury, with a new r ...

Delivery: November 2016

Aquamarine Evleri

Space: 34000 m2 Units count: 360Trabzon, Yomra

* 34000 m2 land * 8 block/360 housing * 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartment options * 165 m 2 and 3 3 + 1 apartment options and 4 + 1 215 m2 (m2 = gross) spoke on the social space; * a semi-olympic outdoor pool * sports fields (football, basketball, etc.) * looking pergo * professional site management * children's play areas * nursery * indoor and outdoor ...

Delivery: January 2016

Arsin Altınkent

Space: 15000 m2 Units count: 250Trabzon, Arsin

* 1 + 1 75 m 2 * 2 + 1 113m2 * 2 + 1 130 m 2 * 3 + 1 165 m 2 * 4 + 1 200 m 2 * 6 + 2 duplex 285m2 * 8 + 2 duplex american * sea 150 m away * 24-hour security * hiking trails * sports courts

Delivery: Immediate

Yalıncak Villaları

Space: 22000 m2 Units count: 22Trabzon, Merkez

* total 22000 m2 of land * 22 villas * 15 * 2-story 3-storey villa is 7 adether; * 35 m2 swimming pool * 800 m2 garden seating area * total * parking available * montolama * 24 hour security

Delivery: December 2016

Aquamarine Platinum

Space: 5000 m2 Units count: 234Trabzon, Yomra

* on an area of 5000 m2 * 3 piece twin block (6 blocks) * 234 housing units * 3 + 1 and 4 + 1, 3 + 1 153m2 156m2 171m2 vip apartment options (m2 = net area) * possibility to change flats * customer specification given color and model selection of kitchen and bathroom, laminate flooring granite tile kitchen arataş selection * children's play areas ...